Times Running Out - ElephantsTimes Running Out - Elephants20x 30 printed on metal $
12x18 printed on metal $
8x12 metallic print matted to 12x15 $


People ask me all the time, "What is Photo Artistry?"

So ... I thought I'd take a moment and explain for those interested.  A photo artist uses digital or film camera's along with photo equipment or digital programs to create fine art.

For example, being a photographer allows me to capture moments in nature and life that are so often missed.  Photo artistry allows me to see endless possibilities in the photos I take, whereby I take my images to a more creative level and enhancing the emotional connection for the viewer.

Many of these pieces of art have over seven different photos which totally alter the original photo.  I build each piece by cutting, blending, adding and subtracting until it reaches the vision in my head. 

This piece is called "Time's Running Out"  it has eleven different photos in it.  I took all the photos individually and create a piece of art that told a completely different story.

This is the first in a series being worked on about the effects of Climate Change.