Hello and welcome to my site,

I am the the owner of Nature’s Palette Photography Art and a founding member of South Shore Artisans in Fair Haven NY.  As an artist it’s all about giving each piece of art I create an emotional connection with the viewer.  My inspirations comes from my connection with the natural world and the elements.  Many times my ideas come to me in the form of dreams.  At times it takes me months to fully develop my vision.

Being a Photographer allows me to capture moments in nature and life that are so often missed, amplifying details and observing what many may pass everyday yet fail to notice.  Conceptual Photo Artistry allows me to see endless possibilities in the photos I take, allowing me to take my images to a completely different creative level, enhancing the emotional connection for the viewer.

My Mosaic Art and Painting are an extension of my love for a color, texture and three dimensional tactile mediums.  I start out with an idea and then comes the exciting discovery as the unknown potential of the piece of art emerges. Both are meditative processes, where artist and art share a creative dialog.  I enjoy up-cycling objects, giving them new life in the world and adding them to my art forms.

My new endeavor into Jewelry design has opened a whole new creative realm for me.  I enjoy working with wire, sea-glass, lake stones and other natural finds.  I am excited to see where this art form takes me.

My artistic ambition is to create art pieces with a story to tell, capturing nature’s song and the magical energy lurking within everything.  With each piece speaking volumes about the present and being a talisman for the future. I hope my Art engage your senses: visual, tactile, and emotional, by stimulating your imagination.  When that happens I know I have achieve my goal.

Thank You for stopping by,