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Located in Fair Haven NY on the shore of beautiful Lake Ontario.  Map 

Nature’s Palette Photography Art Studio is a statement to my artistic endeavor.  Without nature’s ever changing palette and each person’s individual  character my art would not exist; hence the name of my studio. Being a photographer allows me to capture moments in nature that are so often missed.   Revealing Mother Earth at her most enthralling.   It might be in the perfect play of light across Lake Ontario, the perfect petal on a daisy, the  quiet intensity of a bee or fungus growing along side a tree.  With each shot I take, my ambition is to capture nature’s song.   I am constantly in awe of the natural world we live in.   My hope is to translate this feeling I have, through my photography. I strive to capture inner beauty and natural textures, showing the unending changes in life and the beauty of our surroundings.

Artistic Work: 

All prints are  printed by a professional lab on archival paper and luster coated for the best possible quality. Framing and matting is done in studio, gallery wraps and canvas's are also available.
Greeting Cards: Photo greeting cards ordered from the artist or found in local gift stores. Including: birthday, get well, sympathy, all occasion, new baby, new home, encouragement etc.


Portrait Work:

All portraits are printed by a professional lab on archival paper and luster coated or the best possible quality, 5x7’s and larger are also mounted for lasting stability and offer a wide variety of textures. Professional Portraits are retouched lightly by the artist at no additional cost.    Many options are available including: artist designed composites, gallery wraps, prints on canvas and artist designed announcements and cards.

Group Work:

Sports teams, Prom & Group venue prints are sold at a group rate price and are professional printed on archival paper.

Mosaic Work:

Mosaics open my art into a whole new realm, a visual yet tactile 3 dimensional connection. I start out with an idea, then comes the exciting discovery as the unknown potential as the piece of art emerges. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes geometric. My material ranges from glass, scrap tile, broken dishes and unusual objects, to shells and pieces of the natural world. I enjoy upcycling objects, giving them new life and meaning in the world. Hours are spent sorting and cutting before I even begin constructing a piece.   For me it becomes a meditative process, where artist and art share a creative dialogue. Mosaic art should engages the viewers senses: visual, tactile and emotional by stimulating the imagination.  When that happens I know I have achieve my goal.

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