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Nature's Palette Photography Art - Previewing/Ordering
I am drawn to Photo Artistry, taking my photography to a different level. Sometimes, it means just tweaking a photo a bit or adding a textured back round. But at other times it helps me create a piece of art that develops as an idea in my minds eye. Then the process is much more involved. For example, in "Bring Down the Moon" this is a composite of 10 different photo's where I extract the pieces I needed for my art. The standing stones, landscape and cliff are from my photo's from Ireland. I then added my photo of the moon eclipse and then a photo of the moons reflection on the bay. I then extracted my beautiful model and added her in. Once all the pieces were in I needed to play with the light and shadow areas to make it believable. I added textures to the finished piece to unify everything. Many hours later a piece of art is born.
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