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The Importance Of Family Portraits:

A family portrait is one of the most important things you can have in your home.  While your life changes around you, it's so nice to have a permanent reminder of your family at a specific time in your lives.  We frequently don’t realize the importance of family pictures until it is too late.  Too often we find ourselves seeking out pictures of memories with a person after he or she is no longer around.  Naturally, we look to our photographs to help us remember the good times.  These photo memories are the ones that will put smiles on your face and help us cope with the changes over time.

At Nature's Palette Photography Art, our definition of family is very wide. While there is the obvious family of parents and children, there are also families made up only of two spouses. A portrait of a single person is a family portrait, as is a portrait with pets. Siblings are family, too. Even your closest friends can be considered family.

The best time to take a family portrait is always now. Family members' schedules can be difficult to coordinate, and it's easy to put off the portrait for later.  Remember that a family portrait is not a once-in-a-lifetime event, either.  Families change; they may expand, they may shrink, and they always age. Any addition to the family, whether it's a baby or a new spouse, makes a good reason for a new family portrait. And even if there aren't any new additions, it's good to take a new family portrait every three or so years, to chronicle your family through the years.

I strive to captures relaxed, natural images that let life and love shine through. There is freedom to capture the innocence and discovery of childhood, a teenager’s thoughtful gaze, your family just enjoying being together, or your pet’s adoring or mischievous look.  The possibilities are as endless as the imagination. The years go by in a blink, but with Nature’s Palette Photography Art these special times are yours forever, with each picture speaking volumes about the present.

Welcome and Thanks
Welcome to Nature’s Palette Photography Art.  I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your trust in picking my studio for your portrait needs. Rest assured that I will do everything possible to prove you made the right choice.

These next few pages will detail pretty much everything you will need to know regarding my studio and your experience here - but if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to give me a call or drop me an e-mail.  My contact information is at the top of the page.
I will make every effort to create the kind portraits you will be thrilled with. You will have these portraits for the rest of your life so I want you to be totally happy with them. All of my work is guaranteed 100%, if you are not happy for any reason.

Portrait Quality:
All prints are sent to a professional lab for processing and are printed on photographic archival paper and luster coated for the best possible quality that will last a lifetime.  Prints 5x7 and larger are mounted for stability with a wide variety of textures available at no extra charge, unless another finish such as canvas, plaque mount or canvas wrap is ordered.

Portrait Retouching:
Every portrait you order - including your wallets will be lightly retouched and enhanced.    This includes such things as, blemishes, acne, eyes bags, scars and stray hairs.  There is never an additional charges for this type of retouching at Nature’s Palette Photography Art your finished portraits will be as perfect as we can make them.
However these services do not include: removal of braces, sunburned skin, five o’clock shadows or other extensive rework.  These kind of intricate touch ups will have an additional charge of $20.00.

Viewing Your Originals:
Digital photography has changed forever the way we capture and view pictures.  Gone are the days when you left the studio with a portfolio of proofs, (although this is still available for a nominal cost if you like something in your hands).   Nature’s Palette Photography Art offers an private online viewing site for your convenience.  We will send you a link when your portraits are ready to view with a password (if you would like to pick your own password just let me know)

Cropping and Color Matching:
Color: The proofs that you view online do not contain the full quality and refinement that you can expect in your finished portraits.  They have not been retouched  and they have not been fully color corrected and density balanced, (except for a few Artist Choice Images). Also, any of your images are available in B&W or Sepia Tone.

Cropping: Where’s the top of my head? It is entirely acceptable to crop off the top of your head in a close up images, especially horizontal poses.  This is just a photographic style and not a mistake or defect; it’s done on purpose to draw attention to your eyes or your expression.
If you wish to have a portrait cropped “tighter” to show less back round, please let me know when you place your order.  While I don’t always recommend this, in certain instances it is possible without noticeable loss of image quality.

Copyright & Artist Signature:
It is illegal to copy or reproduce any photographs created by this studio - anywhere else, including home scanning, without my written permission.  Violators of this Federal law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties.  The most frequent request is for graduation announcements / party invitations.  Since this studio offers many different kinds of announcements / invitations, I do not grant copyright releases.  Nature’s Palette Photography Art it’s successors and assigns have the exclusive right to copy and reproduce for the purpose of illustration, advertising and publication in any manner whatsoever, any photograph in it’s possession.
As with any other art piece, all portraits created by this studio are digitally signed by the artist.  
Please call if you have questions. Thank you!

Printing Options:
*E-Surface Photographic paper used by professional photographers, luster coated traditional prints in many
different sizes. Any print larger then 5x7’s is mounted on a board
*Metallic Paper (pearlescent finish) Kodak Endura Metallic Paper features a unique pearlescent surface with ultra-bright backgrounds.
*True B&W Paper (matte finish) Ilford True B&W paper is designed to make rich black, continuous-tone prints, while avoiding color tints.
*Flush or Plaque Mounted A unique, attractive and economical process of mounting, laminating and displaying portraits. Your portrait is mounted to a high quality wood which has been custom cut to the size of your print. The surface is then completely sealed with a tough, durable, transparent laminate. Finally, the edges are finished with one of many colors around the edges or framed with a black edge.
There is no need to frame.
*Canvas Photographic prints bonded to 7 oz. or 10 oz. canvas material. The canvas is pressed into the print, giving it a beautiful, even texture. 10 oz. canvas provides a deep weave, while 7 oz. canvas gives a tight weave. The canvas is then bonded to a mounting board.
*Gallery Wrap Nothing shows off your artistic side quite like a Gallery Wrap. Printed on premium canvas and wrapped around a stretcher bar, your clients will love their very own original masterpiece.
*Composites  Artist designed composites which show case 2 or more portraits.  Available in many different sizes to fit the wall you have in mind.
*Books Artist designed books available in many different sizes and bindings.
*Folios Black padded leatherette cover with Black foil accent lines. Black delivery box
included. Holds 6 - 4x5 vertical and 2 - 5x4 horizontal prints.
*Announcement & Greeting Cards Artist designed single or double sided cards for all your party needs, a variety of sizes available. Quantity discount available

Portrait Sessions:
Artist Choice: $60.00
The Artist’s Choice is the most inclusive portrait session up to one and half hours of photography time.  In and around the studio or within a fifteen minute drive. (If there is a special place further away there will be an additional charge)  Bring outfit changes and things that reflect your real family.  This session offers the ultimate in flexibility and variety.  Includes 2 photo’s of your shoot for Facebook use, if you friend Nature’s Palette Photography Art.

Basic Choice: $40.00
The Basic session is just that - the basics.  This session is up to forty five minutes and includes in- studio shots only.  There is time for a couple of outfit changes and is a great session if you only want a few great images and are short on time.  Includes yearbook photo delivered to school and 3 photo’s of your shoot for Face Book use if you friend Nature’s Palette Photography Art.

Streamline Pricing:
Last year I realized that clients wanted more flexibility then pre-made package pricing.  Every ones needs are different and packages just weren’t giving the options that most people wanted.  So, this year I’ve gone to an Al-a-carte pricing with incentives for the more you purchase.  In effect the same concept with much more flexibility.  Payments can be done in a number of different ways: 1/2 down upon ordering and balance paid on delivery, spread over three months 1/3 down, 1/3 one month later, 1/3 upon delivery.  If you have other needs please let me know and I will try to work around your needs.

Here’s how it works:
If your portrait order is over $250.00 receive 10% off total price.
If your portrait order is over $350.00 receive 10% off and a free 8x10 (3) Square Collage  a $72.00 value.
If your portrait order is over $450.00 receive 10% off and a free 5x30 skinny collage panel, a $95.00 value.
If your portrait order is over $550.00 receive 10% off and receive a free 12x12 Collage a $115.00 value.
If your portrait order is over $650.00 receive 10% off and a free 8 Portrait  Family Folio, a $165.00 value.
If your portrait order is over $750.00 receive 10% off and a
DVD Slideshow of your shoot day photo's, Priceless.