Welcome to my creative side. My studio name, Nature’s Palette Photography Art, is a statement of my artistic endeavor and my love of photo artistry.Being a photographer allows me to capture moments in nature and life that are so often missed, amplifying details and observing what many may pass everyday yet fail to notice. Being a photo artist helps me see endless possibilities for those photos, allowing me to take my images to a more creative level and enhancing the emotional connection for the viewer. Using Photoshop I sometimes just tweak the image a bit or add a texture, but often it’s more involved using many layers of photos. My muse and I create art pieces with a story to tell. I take pride in revealing Mother Earth and the Elements at their most enthralling moments. My artistic ambition is to capture nature’s song and the magical energy lurking within everything, with each piece speaking volumes about the present and being a talisman for the future. I live on the shore of beautiful Lake Ontario, which brings inspiration everyday. I invite you to look and enjoy my art. Thank You, Ellen