I live in Fair Haven NY on the shore of beautiful Lake Ontario with my husband Charles. Our five children are grown which gives me time to pursue my interest in photography as well as dabble in other art mediums. My Studio is located in my home and I uses the surrounding areas for my natural backdrop.

On the portrait side of things my goal is to change the way you look at photography by creating captivating images of you and your loved ones. As an artist I strive to give the viewer an intimate portrait of themselves and nature. To amplify details, thereby drawing the viewer to observe what many may pass everyday yet fail to notice.
Capturing relaxed, natural images that let life shine through. I will photograph you in the places that mean the most to you, giving each picture an emotional importance that you won’t find elsewhere. This isn’t about posing for photographs, it’s about exploring the places you love and the people you love.

Mosaics open my art into a whole new realm, a visual yet tactile 3 dimensional connection. I start out with an idea, then comes the exciting discovery as the unknown potential as the piece of art emerges. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes geometric. My material ranges from glass, scrap tile, broken dishes and unusual objects, to shells and pieces of the natural world. I enjoy upcycling objects, giving them new life and meaning in the world. Hours are spent sorting and cutting before I even begin constructing a piece. For me it becomes a meditative process, where artist and art share a creative dialogue. Mosaic art should engages the viewers senses: visual, tactile and emotional by stimulating the imagination. When that happens I know I have achieve my goal.